Progress Lab
License Agreement

1. You can use our themes on any website which are Your property. This mean, You can use unlimited copies of buyed theme by Your own, but You can not install them on websites owned by people who didn’t buy it.

2. You can use our themes for personal or commercial purposes, but You can not resell them.

3. You can modify our themes by changing their fonts, color schemes, images, arrangement of elements, adding new features or deleting defaults.

4. You can use any of free third-party software included in our themes in any other project.

6. You can not copy technical solutions designed specifically for our themes and use them in Your projects.

7. You can not remove “Theme by Progress Lab” statement from our themes.

8. You can not use our themes to publish content that infringes on the good of other people, calling for hatred, persuade to crime, spreading pornography or any type of gross material.

9. Some software included in our themes are made by third-party and we don’t charge any fee for these particural parts which are available for free.